Luna & Chris: Gettin' Hitched!

12 August 2017 • Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Wedding Location



Arrival in Dubrovnik
We suggest you arrive at least one day before the wedding – preferably two, if you're traveling from North America. Better to be properly settled before the party!

How Long to Stay
You should plan to stay four days at the absolute minimum. That will give you time to enjoy the festivities, recover from said festivities, and experience a bit of Dubrovnik. Of course, we'd love it if you stayed longer! The two of us will be in town from 6-25 August, and will have plenty of time to hang out with everyone the week after the wedding (the week before will be a bit busier with prep and family stuff going on).

Related Events
Day-Before Drinks (Friday 11 August, 4pm-6pm @ Paparazzo Steakhouse) - Just a little welcome get-together once everyone is finally in town! Come mingle on the terrace, and have a drink and a snack on us.
Day-After Beach Clubbin' (13 August, 1pm-? @ Coral Beach Club) - We don't want to drag you out of bed before you're ready, so we're swapping the brunch reservations for beach hangouts. Come swim, tan, hang out, have a glass of rosé...



Please book your accommodations as soon as possible! August is high season in Croatia and stuff gets booked up early.

Hotel Ariston - Our friends at Importanne Resort have been kind enough to reserve a block of rooms for guests of the wedding. This is one of the nicest places you can stay in all of Croatia, so it's worth splurging on if you can! To book, please contact Adriana Merčep at Importanne and mention that you're a guest of our wedding.

  • Standard Double/Twin Room: 240 Euro/night for double occupancy, 230 Euro/night for single occupancy. Prices include buffet breakfast, VAT and free Wi-Fi.
  • Luxury Double/Twin Room with Sea View and Balcony: 265 Euro/night for double occupancy, 255 Euro/night for single occupancy. Prices include buffet breakfast, VAT and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Petka - Budget-friendly hotel on the Gruž port.
Hotel Zagreb - Mid-range hotel directly on the Lapad boardwalk.
Hotel Perla - Another mid-range Lapad option.

Vacation Rentals
Sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Roomorama all offer lots of options in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. We made a map that shows the areas that we would recommend staying in. Let us know if you need help finding someone to book a place with! If you're going to book something outside the city, please keep in mind that bus coverage is somewhat limited and parking is very difficult in Dubrovnik.


Further Travel

Definitely consider doing a combined trip with another destination. A road trip up the Adriatic coast, exploring some of the islands, heading down into Montenegro or over the mountains into Bosnia, taking the ferry over to Italy – lots of good options.



Please don't feel obligated to bring gifts! Taking the time and spending the money to be with us is already such a generous gift from all of you. Also bringing lots of stuff back from Croatia could be a challenge.

(But if you just can't help yourself, we'd be super grateful for any contribution you'd like to make to our eventual honeymoon trip to South Africa!)


Day of The Wedding

3:25 PM - Meet at the boat in Gruž, depart for Koločep
4:30 PM - Ceremony at Villa Rose
5:15 PM - Boat tour around neighbouring islands
6:15 PM - Back at Villa Rose for drinks
7:10 PM - Dinner
8:30 PM - Party time
10:00 PM - Early boat back to Gruž
1:20 AM - Late boat back to Gruž

Dress Code
Since it's probably going to hit 28-32 C during the day, wearing a wool suit or anything heavy is not the best move. We want everyone to be comfortable, yet sharp!
Not necessary - ties, long sleeves, long pants, dress shoes, stockings
Worth considering - linen, shorts, sandals, dresses, classy tropical prints

We will be arranging for a babysitter to hang out in the lounge area at the wedding – just to give parents the chance to relax a bit while still having the kids nearby.


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